Are You Content?

I’ve seen New Year’s resolutions popping up here, there and everywhere lately and some great blog posts to boot.

The beginning of a new year can signify a new start and is always a good time for reflection. But in reality a New Year’s resolution is usually no more than a promise to get around to doing something that we’ve been procrastinating on for some time, often years!

When I was a child my Nana used to have a wooden sign on the wall in the kitchen for my Grandad which read as follows:


I always thought that was so cool and I really need to get my hands on one of these! How many of you need one of these for your husbands?! And perhaps yourselves? Though I understand if you don’t want to admit it!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand …

I’m in a few mums groups on Facebook, birth clubs that were formed of women who were all pregnant and due in the same month and came together to share the experience. One of them has been posing probing questions every day, food for thought if you will and one of them was ‘Are you content?’.

I pondered it for awhile and realised that, yes I am. Kind of. However, I feel like change is in the air for this year. Something big. Something exciting.

Living a life that is pleasant but not extraordinary is something we’ve been doing for years. Let’s be honest though, those early years of motherhood when you have a baby or a toddler or a toddler and a baby are not the best time in life to make big changes and overhaul your entire life to something different so we’ve meandered along, mostly happy but with a few rough patches thrown in (again, who doesn’t at this life stage!).

Now that my boys are 4 and 3 it feels like we can start to think about change. Where do we want to be? Where do we want to live? What do we want to do?

We got married two years after my mum died and then a year later we decided to start trying for a baby which resulted in 3 years of living in limbo while we battled through the emotions of infertility and fertility treatments. Our lives at that time were focussed on getting pregnant so consisted of appointments and tests and hospital visits, IVF treatments and eventually a pregnancy. Then came baby, then came pregnancy again, then came another baby and then of course those early years I spoke of before.

Finally I feel like we have broken out of that limbo living and I am craving change. To what I have no idea but I’m excited at the prospect! A new city perhaps, job, lifestyle? We’ll see what happens!

Are you content?

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19 thoughts on “Are You Content?

  1. Haidee, I feel exactly the same way. With my girls five and three, I feel like things have turned a corner. I have a little more freedom, a little more space to breathe and a chance to focus on what I want. I just need the courage now to make those changes. I’m excited about the prospect of change for you and can’t wait to see what happens.
    Renee recently posted…Summer feelsMy Profile

  2. I’m waiting till Phoebe is older to make any significant changes in our lives and to take some risks. I had too many changes in the year that I had Phoebe. My changes are being adventurous and going on overseas family holidays. Love that sign too.

  3. I am content, in that I do not wish to be or have things just because others do. But I do have goals for things that need to improve or change in myself and with the things we own (you know, houses need upkeep, those sorts of things). It is good to find joy in the ordinary things of life, and to be willing to grow and learn as well.
    Tracy recently posted…On The BeamMy Profile

  4. Sounds like you’re moving forward and in a clear space for directing your life where you want it to lead now in this new chapter. It’s an exciting place to be! You’ve made it out of the getting pregnant, having babies, sleepless nights chapter (which I’m currently still stuck in) and you can take back some control! I look forward to reading where you choose to go. Happy new year! xx
    Vicki @ Knocked Up and Abroad recently posted…The Girl Who Stews FruitMy Profile

  5. Sounds as though exciting times are afoot. Well, thoughts of them, anyway, which is a good start.
    I could be more content, but it depends on the day and the amount of sleep that I have been allowed the previous night. Also, it is hard to be content the day after David Bowie left the earth…
    Dani @ sandhas no home recently posted…The DanceMy Profile

  6. The Tuit sign is great. I think we can only ever change from a place of underlying contentment – otherwise we are running away from something and problems often follow us. So if you are feeling content it is a great place to start making or embracing change.

  7. I really don’t know. I have a feeling that I should be but I’m not. The problem is that I don’t know in what area I’m not content, so I don’t know what to do about it.

  8. Yes and no. I’m still smack bang in limbo land with a toddler and a fertility journey for another so we are kind of at a pause at the moment. We have plans to hopefully move into a new house in about 5yrs time though so for now we’re kind of plodding along trying to get through the early years without losing our minds 🙂
    Toni @ Finding Myself Young recently posted…Mummy Must Have Review | Play EasyMy Profile

  9. I remember that turning point. For me, it came when my youngest started kinder. I felt like things were finally turning a corner. As for being content, yes I am. I’ve blogged about contentment, joy and happiness a lot. And content rocks them all. Good luck for a content, but exciting year ahead.

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