The Christmas Eve Box You’ll Want Your Other Half To Make YOU!


My post about creating a Christmas Eve Box for the kids has gone crazy on Pinterest and it seems mums everywhere are trying to get themselves organised and pulling their hair out in the process!

Every woman who has crossed my path in this last week at work has appeared frazzled and stressed by the run up to Christmas this year. I don’t know whether it’s the fact we appear to be working longer in the lead up (for those of you who work anyway) because obviously if Christmas fell on a Wednesday you’d likely finish up on the Friday and have 5 days to prepare, but because Christmas inconveniently falls on a Friday this year (how dare they!) most people are finishing up on the Wednesday which gives us ONE day to prepare! ONE DAY! And even if you aren’t working it appears everyone is looking tired and a little wary this Christmas. I can tell you that I’m definitely feeling a tad disorganised and having a bit of anxiety about being able to get it all done!

So wouldn’t it be AMAZING if a magical elf were somehow to prepare a Christmas Eve Box just for us?

Imagine it: A hard day at home slaving over the stove while wrangling the children and stressing about the Christmas wrapping and how not to be caught wrapping Santa’s presents (and to wrap Santa’s presents in one paper and yours in another!) without leaving any kind of handwriting evidence that could make them suspicious (‘Mum, how come Santa has your writing and used our labels?’) while making sure the reindeer don’t die of starvation, Santa is fed and his thirst quenched, the children haven’t destroyed the house, the presents get put under the tree, the food is prepped and ready … on second thought, I think I might just cancel Christmas this year! But if I were to get a Christmas Eve Box it might just renew my spirit (are you reading this husbands and partners everywhere!).

So what would I want in my Christmas Eve Box? Let’s see …


Wine, beer, hell … tequila! Give me a bottle of Tequila and some shot glasses and then I can make those truffles for Santa while feeling very merry indeed! If you have responsibilities the following day though, perhaps some frozen Margarita mix or a nice bottle of wine would be more suitable! I’ll stick with the Tequila.



Make it a nice blend of coffee for your coffee machine, a voucher for coffee at your local cafe or some fancy coffee sachet you can just add hot water too. GIMME COFFEE! And make it strong (you’re gonna need it after drinking the tequila).



Cleaning fairies don’t exist (but Santa does kids, Santa is real. And the reindeer and all of his elves!) but men, now they can do housework (don’t let them tell you otherwise!) so if they could just you know, tidy up the whole house for you then that would be bloody awesome so upon delivery of the Christmas Eve Box, if they could don some kind of fancy dress and clean the entire house till it sparkles then that would just be friggin awesome!


Make it the bloody good stuff. Melt in your mouth chocolatey goodness! Mmm!



Some fancy cheese and crackers to have with our wine while we watch our men do the housework wouldn’t go astray! Thank you very much!


Here it is, a free printable voucher for your man to print off and put in your Christmas Eve Box just for you! 


I’ve made it simple folks, print it off and pop it in and be organised! It doesn’t have to be fancy, hell, cut up some sausage rolls and cook them for all I care, just GIVE US A BREAK FROM THE KITCHEN!



Some bubble bath or bath salts in some yummy fragrances so we can relax our tired limbs in the bath (while your man is cooking dinner) would be bliss!


This is the golden ticket right here! Imagine being able to go to the toilet in peace for an entire evening! Your children may need restraining (not your problem, the magical cleaning fairy AKA your husband or partner can deal with that!). No fingers under the door, no screaming (ok, perhaps only the echo of screaming from down the hallway) and no one barging in or insisting on ‘watching’. In fact, have the bubble bath after the toilet break using the same ticket! Make it a two for one!


Heck, a free TV pass to watch some mindless reality TV show like 16 and Pregnant or The Bachelor will bloody do. By now we are soooo tired we just want to watch mindless drivel. However, I must admit to loving Love Actually or Four Holidays or something slightly Christmassy and sweet and romantic (and chick flicky!) at this time of year so stake claim to that! This is for us to watch with more wine while we watch you (yes, I am actually talking directly to you now other halves worldwide because I am hopeful that by now your woman has got you reading this) get Santa’s snack ready and make Santa’s footprints with some flour. Ok?


This is where you say ‘Honey, you have done such an awesome job getting everything organised for Christmas. Not only are you the best wife and mother in the world but you spent hour upon hour planning and buying and shopping and cooking to get ready for tomorrow. Go to bed, I got this *insert anything that has not yet been completed*’. Oh the bliss of that!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who seems to end up having to do everything while their men seem to think it all just magically comes together!

Who would like one of these boxes?! Hands up ladies!

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15 thoughts on “The Christmas Eve Box You’ll Want Your Other Half To Make YOU!

    1. Wouldn’t a cleaning fairy be magical indeed! My husband is actually pretty good most of the time to be fair, but a sparkly clean house that I didn’t have to clean would be friggin awesome on Christmas Eve! It would be a dream come true to receive this box! I might have to share this with him 😉

  1. This is such a great idea! We haven’t done an xmas eve box for our toddler this year but I love this idea and may well have to ‘implement’ it next year!! Really great 🙂


  2. One or ALL of the things in that box would make me happy. Along with a “sleep in” voucher, where hubby says it’s ok I’ll get up with kids & take them to the park or even to the backyard & keep them entertained while you just enjoy the morning in bed! 🙂

  3. I love the idea of Christmas Eve boxes. What a great concept. I will have to bookmark for sure for next year. Thanks again for linking up to Share With Me. Hope to see you again soon.

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