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Quote 'Buy Less, Choose Well'

I am a huge fan of this quote, I can’t even tell you the number of times that I have bought items of clothing because they were on special and then never gone on to wear them! Or wore them once and then they were put in the back of a drawer never to be seen again.

The items of clothing in my wardrobe that I love and wear the most are more expensive but quality items. One thing I never buy a lot of but spend more on is shoes! Boots especially! Every two years I buy myself a new pair of boots, usually in the dollar range between $200 – $400. My boots are totally my splurge item and I wear them to work every day through winter for two seasons before I allow myself the indulgence of choosing a new pair to take their place (by that time they are usually so worn out from being so loved!). A good pair of boots can totally change up your style every season so I try to get a different colour and style every time.

This year I switched from a classic pair of pointed knee high black boots with significant heel for these:

Cricket Boot by Gino Ventori
Cricket Boot by Gino Ventori


I love love love them! So comfortable but stylish at the same time! Yes, not the cheapest but certainly better than 4 pairs of boots I never wear!

What is your indulgence wardrobe item and are you a buy less, choose well kinda gal or do you spend less and buy more? 

16 thoughts on “Food For Thought Friday

    1. I always find the boots I want when I have no money and I am not hunting for them. One year I made do because I couldn’t find a single pair I loved and it is A LOT of money to spend on an item you don’t love. I chose flats for the running around after kids purpose too (and I admit I may just be getting old and found them more practical!).

    1. I doa bit of both. Skirts, jackets and boots I tend to spend more than anything else but I can’t afford to buy what I used to pre-kids. I loooove handbags too and bought a gorgeous brown leather one recently, my favourite yet!

  1. I bought the same boots. Love them so functional with trousers and dresses. I qas tired of black as well. I am very much into brown and navy this year but I love these go with black as well. Being a wellingtonian i have plenty of black…

  2. Great boots. I think they are worth it when you wear them so much. I’m really trying to follow the philosophy of buying less and I especially like to save purchases so they have memories. I bought my last pair of knee-high boots in San Francisco in 2011 although I’m on to my second pair of ankle boots since.

    1. Ooooh, San Fransisco! Lucky! I need to go overseas shopping again, I still have stuff I bought in NYC in my wardrobe but it no longer fits. Sigh.

  3. Love a good pair of boots! I found a beautiful pair reduced to a crazy discounted price, so bought the black and brown pair! Haven’t regretted it as living in Canberra, they’re worn almost everyday for close to six months of the year. Three years on and they’re still going strong 🙂 A bit of leather conditioner every now and then to keep them supple and stop cracks, haven’t even had to have them re-soled yet. Definitely have a few quality pieces in your wardrobe to mix up with cheaper stuff that you know will only last a season.
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