How I Met My Husband


My husband and I first got together when we were 12 years old.

Yes, you read that right.

Little did we know at that time that we would one day be husband and wife but he was my best friend and we were ‘together’ for a whole year. This ‘relationship’ mostly consisted of sitting next to each other in class sharing my little handheld radio to sneakily listen to live cricket matches or me being the doting girlfriend sun-baking on the beach while he showed off his amateur surfing skills. We also went on one random overnight camping trip (that neither of our parents had a clue about) with two friends (also 12 year olds) and boy were we way too young to be wandering off two and a half hours around the coastline into the middle of nowhere during a storm that he gazing into the clouds and with all the knowledge of a young surfiestated would ‘clear up in no time’!

He was right about that but I’m still not sure it was the smartest move given the bulls that live along that coastline and that we were too young and stupid to know better than to put out our fire with our only fresh water instead of the seawater! Not to mention lighting fires in the first place! Needless to say we were dehydrated by the time we got home but it is a fantastic memory we share and we had the time of our young lives despite the thirst and the possums scratching on our tents! My mum would have had a fit had she known! I’m sure this will come back to haunt me one day, perhaps in about 8 years time …

By the end of that school year and the summer before high school we ‘broke up’ (apparently I held hands with another 12 year old boy but that is a whole other story!). We spent our teens at the same high school but avoided one another like the plague, though I still went to all the parties he hosted with a myriad of different boyfriends. And yes, my in-laws still live there. And yes, they remember me.

After we first got back together

When I was 21 my mum was in the hospital and we knew it wasn’t good. Moments like that can really get you thinking about life and I realised that the best ever ‘relationship’ I’d had was with my 12 year old boyfriend (and trust me, I’d had a few since then and none had ever lasted longer than 4 months!). I started to wonder what had happened to him, not in a ‘potential boyfriend’ way but in a sentimental ‘I wonder where he is now’ way.

He’d had a steady girlfriend throughout our teens so I had no reason to think he wasn’t still with her and settled down. So I decided to call him. I rang his parents for his number and tried about 5 times but no one was ever home. One night I thought, right, I will try one more time and if he isn’t there then I will forget it. But he was and he was single and we decided to meet up. We started off back down the tentative path to friendship and within a few months of coming back into each others lives he proposed and I accepted.

It took us 9 years to kiss and make up but we got there in the end! We were married in January 2006 and will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary next year.


How did you meet your husband/partner?

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54 thoughts on “How I Met My Husband

  1. What a great story! Make sure you tell your kids when they are nearing 12 🙂
    I met my husband online- I was seeing someone but we decided friendship was a fine goal. A few weeks in I had broken up with my boyfriend and the rest is history- 9 years later 🙂
    Amy @ HandbagMafia recently posted…A Crunchy OpinionMy Profile

  2. What a great story, and lovely pics too!

    I met my husband when I was waitressing at a cafe, he was a regular customer. Three weeks later I took off overseas for a bit over a year and broke his heart, but a couple of months after I got back we got it together, and last year celebrated our 20 year anniversary (15 years married). OMG that makes me feel old, lol!

    Hi, by the way. 🙂 Just popped over from Jess’s latest IBOT team post!
    Kirsten McCulloch recently posted…How to Clean a Stainless Steel Stove, with No Nasties (of course!)My Profile

    1. That’s so cute too Kirsten! You hear about people who get crushes on waiting staff and baristas at cafes and regularly go in to flirt! How cool that it had a happy ending! 🙂

  3. I love this story. So wonderful.

    I decided not to go to law school so put my savings toward a big overseas travel the world solo trip after uni graduation. I went from nyc to Israel to start with travel around the Middle East. I was to live and study one kibbutz first. I spent a year planning my trip as after the Middle East and Europe I planned to go all over Africa and onto australia traveling and working.

    Well of course I met hubby in Israel on the kibbutz. After 3 months of friends we kissed and that was it. I moved in with him that week. 3 months into our relationship he was making plans to go home to England. I had a choice- say goodbye and carry on with my plans or go with him. I threw away all my plans and chose him. In December this year we will celebrate 22 years together. We are each other’s only ever serious relationship!
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  4. What a gorgeous story! My husband and I are high school sweethearts. He was actually in the year ahead of me, but did VCE over three years so that he could focus more on study and try to get a better mark. I didn’t know this – he was just this super hot guy in year 12 when I was in year 11 who only talked to me at volleyball training – but there he was on day one of year 12. And we had a few ‘near misses’ at parties earlier in the year then finally got our act together at a friend’s 18th. I have to admit that while I was head over heels very quickly, my 17yo self never in a million years thought it’d last beyond high school. He was cool, I was (am) geek. But it works. Love his socks off. x
    #teamIBOT (all my fellow teamIBOTers seem to have landed on the 2s this week!)
    Emily recently posted…Practical grammactical: gender-neutral third person singular pronouns (the great ‘they’ debate)My Profile

    1. Thanks Luisa! We more grew up beside one another as opposed to together because we were the only two people in our year at school who wouldn’t talk to one another! Haha. So we witnessed each other grow up without interaction. Except at his parties, there may have been a drunken thawing of ice and we may have spoken a few words to one another at those but I got to know his parents during that time anyway!

    1. I was totally ready to give up. Who would have thought though huh! Funny story, he thought I had a child I hadn’t told him about so after 5 dates he finally asked how old they were! Bahaha! Turns out the rumour mill had got a bit muddled and he honestly thought I was too scared to tell him!

    1. Yeah I know Malinda, I look back and cringe a little but kids think they’re invincible! We also slept in the same tent but I swear back then 12 was so much more innocent than these days! I think he spent the whole time spouting about how beautiful my hair looked in the fire light! Haha. Too cute.

    1. Totally goes quick, I swear the 4 years since I had my first son have just zoomed by where as the 4 years prior crawled by at a snail pace. Funny how that works. Congrats on your 10 year anniversary!

  5. My hubby and I also first got together when we were 12! We lasted a few weeks from memory before I ‘dumped’ him. We went to the same high school but didn’t really hang out, then we both left that school in year 10. Fast forward a couple of years and we crossed paths again when we were 18, he was actually dating a friend of mine but as soon as we saw each other it was an instant connection and we’ve been together ever since. We’ve been married for 5 years.
    I love a good love story!
    Sarah @The Routine Queen recently posted…Helping Your Child Cope with Separation AnxietyMy Profile

  6. Oh wow! I can’t believe after all those years you got back together and I can’t believe the courage you must have had to make that call. Good on you! My husband and I met at a gay nightclub for an interior design function 🙂
    Renee recently posted…Crazy in loveMy Profile

  7. That’s such a sweet love story. After all those years it really was meant to be, and your years apart was worth the growing room. I bet your families were surprised but pleased with the reconciliation 🙂

  8. What a beautiful story… I love childhood romances. My husband and I were friends from 16 it’s nice to be with someone that is your best friend. I hope you have an amazing 10 year anniversary. 🙂
    Melodie Cullen recently posted…Goodbye DaveMy Profile

    1. It’s kinda cool to have those shared memories isn’t it Melodie! We weren’t together then but we have shared memories of people and events during high school.

  9. What a lovely story. I’m so glad you tried calling him one more time!! I met my husband when I was 18. I was working for a solicitor’s firm at the time, and had to pick up some documents from the bank where he worked. While I was waiting I spotted him walking past, then I saw him walkby again…we locked eyes and had a smile. While I waiting at the lift he approached me and asked me out on a date! That was 24 years ago! We will be married for 20 yrs next year. I hope you enjoy 10th wedding anniversary. x 🙂
    Julie @ Off to the park recently posted…An introduction to my new series – Having a PremmieMy Profile

  10. This is so cute! I love that at 12 years old you had met “the guy”. And your persistence with call the house! I would have given up! lol. What a gorgeous story. Can’t wait to read through your blog 🙂 oxox

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