Let The Kitchen Shopping Begin!

Usually I’m very organised with a blog post for a Tuesday morning which is the one day of the week that I can somehow squeeze a post in between the madness at home and my day to day job (no, I’m not repeating myself! The madness at home and my actual WORK. Yes, I know the two can be easily confused).

Last night however, I ‘briefly’ popped online with the intention to buy a few plates and bowls to replace the ones I smashed and instead I walked away (ahem, entered my credit card details to purchase!) pretty much everything BUT.

Ok, slight exaggeration.


Our kitchen is being installed next weekend and I cannot wait! Seriously, no kitchen AT ALL and two young kids is a nightmare best left for more resilient people. Me, not so much. We have lived on crap food (I admit it!). I couldn’t use the oven top because steam and freshly painted walls don’t mix so it was whatever could be oven baked quickly and without mess. Spring rolls, sausage rolls, chicken nuggets … you get the gist. Not making a mess is important because doing dishes in a bucket in the bath IS NOT FUN! It’s like leaning over the bath to wash the kids x 10. Stand up and your back stays hunched over until you can endure the pain to straighten that bitch back up. Backs and age do not go well together!

Anyway, I’ve been umming and aahing for weeks now about what theme I wanted to centre my kitchen around. I’ve never had a theme before, generally speaking my rooms have always just been a mish mosh of random shit (I don’t use the word shit lightly! There are a few diamonds in the rough but a lot of the stuff I have is old and raggedy or not my style) so a theme was an exciting prospect. I’ve become a renewed Pinterest addict, browsing kitchens I could never afford of people who clearly don’t have children (or they’re grown up or they’re not allowed to step foot in the kitchen!). We’ve gone for a white and wood theme so I was tossing up between vintage or coastal stylings. In the end I think I ended up combining a bit of both! I was drawn to red but resisted the brightness charm and stuck with blues and white.

We have a small house (by small I mean miniscule! 2 bedrooms squeezed into 80sqm) and to be honest I’ve always been a little embarrassed of it compared to my friends large modern homes! But I don’t envy them the mortgage and I have decided to embrace my small home and style it the way it should be. We live close to the beach so coastal cottage would suit the house best. Hence that is the look I am working towards!

Here’s what I ended up buying:


1. Vintage Coffee Tins, 2. Nespresso Lattissima Touch Coffee Machine, 3. Typhoon Oil Drizzler, 4. The Great New Zealand Baking Book, 5. Typhoon Connect Mug Tree, 6. Sole & Mason Salt Keeper, 7. Jamie Oliver Vintage Biscuit Tin, 8. Maxwell & Williams Cappucino Cup, 9. Jamie Oliver Vintage Utensil Tin

(Unfortunately most of these are NZ only sites but can be sourced in other countries by googling the product name)

It doesn’t look like much but I scoured the Easter Sales for just the right pieces as I don’t want to end up with a load of stuff I don’t love! As my favourite shopping motto goes ‘Buy Less, Choose Well’.

A coffee machine was of course #1 on my list and I bored the sales guy at Harvey Norman and the poor Nespresso chic for an hour before I finally settled on this one! I wanted a manual espresso initially but the sales lady did a good job of talking me out of it and for good reason – time is not my friend and most mornings I’m in a huge hurry so not ideal to be mucking around with an espresso machine! The pods may be more expensive but I can hit a button and get a cappucino so that sounds bloody good to me! The mug was a biggie because you need the perfect cup for coffee or it ruins it. I LOVED the biscuit tin and utensil tin and got them really cheap (biscuit tin was $17 down from $60!). The salt keeper is just gorgeous (who would have thought salt and gorgeous would go together?!) and I love the mug tree simply because it’s different.

Now to find the mugs to hang on it and replace the stuff I smashed (and what I originally went online to buy! Always the way!).

What have you bought lately? Which of these would you buy for yourself?

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22 thoughts on “Let The Kitchen Shopping Begin!

  1. How exciting getting a new kitchen especially after making do for a while. We have a big (but not modern) house that we are slowly renovating. The kitchen is passable as we replaced cupboard door fronts (they were bright yellow) and handles and put in new appliances a while back. But I soooo want a new kitchen. Dreaming on.

  2. Oh Haidee it is both exciting and tedious waiting for a kitchen redo or reno. I know. I have done it three times. My hub is the kitchen man and he knows what he is doing but as he ages it takes more time! We are renting now until we can afford to buy again and I know there will be a kitchen reno in my future! The one hub did most recently was in late 2014 and our house sold on the day it went on the market. The kitchen was a star! Good luck. Denyse
    Denyse Whelan Blogs recently posted…School Starting Ages. 366/89.My Profile

  3. Nice choices. I’m loving the blue and white at the moment too. We’re renovating soon and I’m going for the minimal/industrial look. I can’t wait to see it all come together, it’s exciting isn’t it?

  4. Haidee, I really love all the pieces that you have chosen. I like a bright white kitchen with pops of color and blue is one of my favorite colors ever. The oil drizzler is so cool it’s glass and sleekly shaped I absolutely love it, I love the coffee mug rack with the bits of wood, and that coffee/ cappuccino cup is just the right size. I cannot wait to see how the kitchen turns out it’s going to be gorgeous. So gorgeous that I bet it will make its own cake!
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  5. Your little cottage sounds divine, and I like the sound of no mortgage too. I think the coastal cottage theme might suit it perfectly, and love the items you’ve chosen, very in keeping with my post on living a more simple life 😉 (thank you x) #iBot

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