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When I was heavily pregnant the first time around I got really sick with a cold and chest infection and everyone knows when that happens there is not much you can take for it. Luckily my being sick happened to coincide with a visit to my Nanas house and as all Nanas seem to (they really are endless sources of wisdom!), she had a tried and true remedy for getting over colds and coughs and easing symptoms at the same time. Not only that but it was so simple and it actually tasted really nice (I thought so anyway, others may be in my husbands boat and disagree completely!).

Yes, I am one of those annoying wives that says ‘Try it! You’ll like it! It’s yummy!’ and his face was priceless. Much like one does with children and medicine which we call ‘lolly water’ –  genius if I do say so myself! Do it, it will make your life so much easier because what child doesn’t want to drink lolly water?! Also make your husband drink some, it’s fun! (No, not the childrens medicine, the apple cider and honey drink!). Now mine waits for it to cool down and sculls it which doesn’t really help the symptoms as much but do if you must.

If you have only tried apple cider vinegar on its own without the honey, then don’t scoff it until you try it with the honey as a hot brew. It really does soothe your throat and I would swear that it sped up my recovery.

Here’s how to make it:




Spoon ingredients into a mug and pour over boiling hot water stirring until dissolved. Voila!

So how does it work?

Apple Cider Vinegar creates an alkaline environment to help kill bacteria and viruses soothing symptoms at the same time. Start drinking it at the first sign of illness and repeat several times a day until the symptoms subside.

Give it a go this winter!

NOTE: I did some research into the safety of apple cider vinegar and pregnancy and while most agree it is safe, the odd website out there says to avoid it. Do your own research if you are pregnant before drinking this just to be sure!

4 thoughts on “Natural Cold and Cough Remedy

    1. If you like it on it’s own then you would love it with the honey and as a hot drink at that! I confess I have been known to drink it when I’m not sick just because it’s so soothing! And pretty sure it’s good for me anyway 🙂

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