Fussy Eaters: Born This Way Or Made This Way?


I have to confess: I have two fussy eaters.

With the prevalence of political correctness dictating that children should be eating only healthy nutritious food items, this can be a somewhat embarrassing predicament for parents who’s kids are fussy eaters – in other words, if it’s not bread, pasta, rice, chicken nuggets or processed foods (ie. biscuits, crackers, chips and cheese) then they don’t (won’t) eat it.

But are we to blame? Or are fussy eaters born this way?

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Why I Have To Quit The Booze

White wine

Today I’m feeling sad because I have come to realise an important truth – I need to quit the booze.

I don’t want to quit drinking because I love it so much. Not in a stumble around and slur my words kinda way but a ‘OMG my kids have driven me to insanity today, pass me the wine!’  kinda way.

Unfortunately the realisation has struck that alcohol and I are not friends. Particularly white wine.

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Chicken Licken & the Morbidity of Classic Nursery Rhymes

We were given a whole bunch of kids books the other day and the boys were so excited as they love story time and what’s better than a whole pile of new books to get mummy to read! So I picked up the one on the top of the pile which was called Chicken Licken and started to read it. Let this be a lesson to all!

Do not read a story to your children without having read it first!

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Are You Content?

I’ve seen New Year’s resolutions popping up here, there and everywhere lately and some great blog posts to boot.

The beginning of a new year can signify a new start and is always a good time for reflection. But in reality a New Year’s resolution is usually no more than a promise to get around to doing something that we’ve been procrastinating on for some time, often years!

When I was a child my Nana used to have a wooden sign on the wall in the kitchen for my Grandad which read as follows:


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A Birthday Letter To My Littlest Man



Last week I wrote a post about gender disappointment and how I had been really sad for awhile while pregnant when I found out that you were not the little girl that I had dreamt about having after my own mum had died when I was only 21 years old.

I certainly could not have imagined just how perfect for me you would be and I’m sorry for that moment of sadness because I had no idea just how blessed I would be by your presence in my life.

Somehow, some way, someone knew just the perfect gift to give me and it turned out to be you.

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