Speaking of Fruit Flies …


So Mr Google told me that of all the animal kingdom, a fruit fly has the shortest attention span of all, followed closely by the goldfish. I would be inclined to add myself to that list.

I am terrible for getting a sudden obsession with something, starting it and not finishing it before moving on to the next thing. The best example of this is gardening. My husband didn’t want a bar of it so with two little boys underfoot I set about digging my own garden over summer. It is hard work! I became obsessed with Pinteresting garden design and visiting garden centres. The pros to being under 50 and in a hardware/garden centre is that you inevitably get lots of help from the men who frequent these stores. Whether it be the staff, the tradies or the random do-it-yourselfer, I somehow managed to get all the things I needed transported to my car with very little effort at all – trees, pavers, bricks, compost, you name it. It got to the point that I was driving out of town to garden centres because I was too embarrassed by how many times I had been to the local stores and I couldn’t face going back. Again. So I got my garden all dug out and planted over about 5 weeks of summer and then I had a brilliant idea.

A dry creek bed.

Yep. I saw one on Pinterest. How hard could it be? So abandoning my garden (which was now starting to sprout a few weeds) I set to work to create one of these:


Or these:

Or something like this:


You can see where this is going. Digging a dry creek bed is harder than digging a garden because you have to dig deeper, you have to collect rocks, you have to lay out weed mat and place the rocks in the perfect position to mimic a meandering stream bed. I fear my dry creek bed may turn into a ‘Nailed it’ version of the above examples.

Here is mine:


Please keep in mind it is a work in progress. Was. Because now it is cold and I have rediscovered blogging. I suddenly have a million posts in my head. My writing block has lifted. And this is the problem. Half finished dry creek bed next to my weed garden that is now being taken over by a pumpkin I never knew I planted.

Yep, I am clearly a fruit fly.

8 thoughts on “Speaking of Fruit Flies …

  1. Sometimes I think we might be the same person. lol. I do the EXACT same thing. I was a fitness expert about 6 months ago. Now I am a blogger. Once I was really into scrapbooking, another time crocheting, and once cooking. I did the garden thing a few years ago and killed every flower i planted, so I planted vegetables instead, but then I forgot to harvest them, so that didn’t work out either. The blog may also be abandoned in about a week, but for now I’m having fun with it so I think I’ll stick around.

  2. I am more of a goldfish. I start on something and last a bit longer than a fruit fly but generally don’t finish the task. It is funny trying new things though ha ;)?

    1. Haha, I actually lasted quite a while on the gardening! I finished it which I was pretty proud of (the garden, not the creek bed) however I lost interest so now it is more weed then flower garden and I think some of my plants may be dead. My 2 year old also loved to pull out the plants which was reeeeeally helpful. As you can imagine.

  3. I get enthused about gardening in fits and starts. I like planting and creating nice spaces but I despise weeding. I’m contemplating hiring someone to do it for me so I don’t have to do it.

    1. I get enthused in summer when it’s warm and flowers are starting to bloom. My hope is that my remaining plants will grow so big with all the rain over winter they will smother the weeds 😉

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