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I know, I know. 10.30pm on a Sunday night to post a blog entry? This girl be crazy! I am never up this late but a little man has been having agonising growth pains in his little legs (my three year old Cohen) and so I am writing while he is cuddling in beside me waiting for the pamol to kick in and ease his pain. It makes you realise just how much they still need you even though they love to start exerting their independence at this age. But we all know there is nothing quite like your mum to turn to in times of pain or emotional distress for that comforting cuddle.

I’ve been having some rough patches lately where I certainly could have done with my mums guidance and comfort and that unwavering support and honesty one can only really get from their mother. It’s at times like this that you realise that the grief and the enormity of your loss never goes away completely and the loneliness that comes with it can be overwhelming. With Mother’s Day approaching in New Zealand I encourage you all to realise just how truly lucky you are if you still have your mother here, treasure her for life is never the same once they are gone.

But back to the Sunday Sum Up …

We went to Cape Palliser over in the Wairarapa to see the seals, enjoy the rugged coastline and have a family picnic. It was lovely weather and the boys had a wonderful adventure, though I’m sure they thought we were mean not letting them get too close to the seals to pet them. I have posted a few photos of the day above. Other than that the week was pretty ordinary aside from what I touched on above which is always worse when sleep is on the lacking side and my brain seems to stop working to its full capacity. This week will be all about getting back on top of things like exercise and loading up on nutritious foods.

If I write it here I gotta do it right?!

What are you looking forward to this week?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Sum Up

  1. hey!
    Just thought I mention that having a mum around doesn’t mean they are ever or always helpful or supportive… Sometimes they can make things worse. So please don’t feel like you are the only one without that support.
    You aren’t the only one who sometimes feels alone but you might surprise yourself with your own strength xo

    1. That is absolutely true, I know not all mums are built equal and some people still have them here but they are sadly sorely lacking in any kind of motherly role. I guess to have loved and lost may actually be sometimes better than the alternative. xxx

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