The 5 Types Of Kids At A Pre-School Disco


So my 4 year old had his very first kindergarten disco on Friday night and the invitation of course extended to the whole family (somehow I don’t think they’re quite at the age for the drop off and run quite yet!).

A pre-school disco (in case you haven’t been to one) usually includes some kind of dress code and a ‘supply your own dinner’ clause. In this instance the dress code was ‘dress ups’ and the food we brought along was some good old fish and chips. As you can see in the photo, Cohen was dressed up as a pirate and Finn was dressed up as a skeleton, reluctantly donning Cohen’s Halloween costume from last year (he went out with his Aunt, Uncle and cousins as Halloween is not really my gig, but I nearly lost him as he wanted to move in with every person who opened the door to them – instead of standing on the porch and saying trick or treat, he attempted to run between their legs and into the house to make himself at home …).

This should have been an omen.

I have NEVER in my life (except perhaps when I was that age which I of course have no memory of) been around that many children at one time. OMG. I don’t know how teachers do it! So many children! And SO MANY ELSA’S! It seems every girl was dressed as an Elsa. I do not envy the parents who would have been trying to keep an eye on their daughters from the sideline ‘There she is! Wait, no, that’s another Elsa. Over there! Wait, no, wrong Elsa’.

In comparison, the only other pirate was his kindy teacher who for one, is a grown woman and for two, had a skirt on.

Not that that made it any easier to keep an eye on them mind! What I discovered during this event was that there are five different types of children at a Pre-school disco:


The Dancers usually consist of the little girls (though there was the odd boy included) but from what I could see the boy dancing was more wrestling another boy onto the floor and doing some kind of break dance routine consisting of spinning around in circles or dragging the other one across the slippery floor by the foot. The Dancers dance and spin and drag their parents out onto the dance floor for the entire two hours before proceeding to dance around the hall in a conga line.

I’ll admit I was slightly envious of ‘The Dancers’. I would have loved to spin my two around but alas, it wasn’t to be …


These are the children who are not interested in dancing. They see a wide open space and they RUN. Run run run. Everywhere, all around, colliding and slipping and bumping and never stopping. This takes stamina. Runners are energiser bunnies who never seem to run out of fuel.


Because it was also a BYO dinner event, of course there are the kids who are interested in doing nothing but eating. And that’s ok. Fish and chips are a pretty good distraction if you ask me!


This was Finn through and through. They left the doors to the hall open and I spent all night trying to stop him from escaping out one of the doors to go to the ‘playground’ he had seen upon entering the hall. He tried every which way to escape and he succeeded at one point before being snatched up and brought back inside (rather disgruntled he was). I thought he’d be a dancer but unfortunately I was wrong. Unless you call the side step maneuvour out the door a dance of some kind.

This is what he did inbetween being A Runner.


This is where Cohen fits in. We spent all night losing him only to then find him sitting propped up next to some other parents eating their dinner (even though it was the same as ours!) and basically inviting himself to be a part of the family. Cue apologies over and over again. Especially as he would make himself at home sitting comfortably on the mothers knee (these are people he has never met before!). He would then see something else that fancied him and he would go and sit with them and help himself to their dinner. I’m just so glad that the recipient mothers were clearly more maternal than me and took it in their stride!

Time for a stranger danger chat perhaps?! Especially after the Halloween debacle!

What kind of child would you have in this situation? Have you ever been to a Pre-School Disco?

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56 thoughts on “The 5 Types Of Kids At A Pre-School Disco

  1. We had a disco at our primary school a couple of years ago and the assistant principal was knocked to the ground and broke a finger because of a ‘runner’! I think you nailed this list.
    P.S. We haven’t had a disco since then!

    1. Haha, oh dear! Man, they can bloody run FAST. And they have zero concept of watching where they are going so this doesn’t surprise me at all! Sad you haven’t had another disco since!

  2. We avoided our school disco (I had to work cough-cough) and I had visions of this exact post dancing in my head! The photos in the school newsletter were exactly this – all sorts thrown together in a room calling it a disco. Maybe these events get better as the kids get older?
    Josefa @always Josefa recently posted…Humanity Without BordersMy Profile

  3. Hahaha…Good description of the kids! There are so many kids but nice to be in an environment where the kids can be themselves and let “their hair down”. My kid was a jumper who thought he was dancing. He was just jump up and down as if in an aerobics class.

  4. My boys are definitely the runners! Your description of this ‘type’ of pre-school disco goer is so true, and maybe a hint of dancing as long as it’s not Frozen! if they hear that they literally run a mile!

  5. This sounds awesomely terrifying. Or terrifyingly awesome. I think my little man would be in all of the categories at various times of the night, but mainly he would be a runner. Especially if there were open doors. Seriously, leaving doors open at a preschool disco seems like a recipe for disaster!
    Kyles recently posted…A letter to the guy who ran a red lightMy Profile

  6. Ha, fab post… and that is hilarious about Cohen!! I took Charlie to a 1st birthday party today and he normally doesn’t leave my side but he crawled across the room, pulled himself up on a lady’s leg (someone he didn’t know), tried to get someone else’s drink bottle off them, then pushed another baby out of the way so he could get into the pink car. I think it’s safe to say he’s lost his fear of strangers. 🙂
    Rachel @ The Mama Files recently posted…9 games I play with my baby to kill timeMy Profile

  7. Haha – yes this sounds about right! My mum taught infant school & I used to help out at their dances. It does seem that nearly every girl currently is dressed as Elsa for everything. I know it is right to let them dress as they want to, but it is getting a bit boring! Mine have never been trick or treating, and not sure they will, but I fear my toddler would also be one for trying to get in the houses! #thelist
    Silly Mummy recently posted…Child Safety Kits Are Out to Get UsMy Profile

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