What’s Yours Is Mine

Have you ever noticed since having kids that what was once yours is no longer yours alone but is now also theirs?

Whether you want that to be the case or not, kids have a knack of sneaking in and putting claim to everything. Whether it is theirs, yours, their brothers, a strangers. If they see it and they want it then it’s theirs.

Here are some prime examples:


They will follow and nag me till the cows come home trying every trick in the book to convince me that it is a good idea to let them play on my iPhone. When I do give in I end up with so many selfies and photos taken of indeterminable items (is that a finger, the carpet, up their nose?) that I am surprised my phone has any memory left at all. I also have voice recordings that drag on for hours, videos that make me feel like I have vertigo for the jumping around factor and my alarm has been known to go off at all hours of the night (Note to self: Check the alarm before going to bed!).

Boys-SelfiesIf you are lucky enough to be an A on my contact list then chances are you have also received a text or two (ok ok, more like 20) from Cohen. Or even a phone call if you are reeeeeeally lucky! Which is great for you, especially when you are in Thailand on holiday (SORRY!).

Here is what those texts will generally look like:

Love from Cohen


You serve them up a meal, perhaps you give them theirs in advance or you sit down to have breakfast after they have had theirs, whatever. The likelihood is that they didn’t eat theirs but they will want yours even if it is exactly the same thing.

For some reason food that is ours and is on our plate is immensely more attractive than the food that is theirs and on their plate. Except if it is fruit or vegetables, then the likelihood is that you can keep it.

Don’t even try to understand.

(IMPORTANT: This also applies to chocolate! Be smart and hide it until they are out of sight, preferably in bed asleep. You have been warned).


Is it because I have boys and blokes always think that the remote is theirs, some passage to masculinity to have the remote in one hand and a beer in the other? I’m talking about my husband and other grown men now, not my boys! Just for the record. 2 and 3 is a little young yet though they have already taken on the task of delivering beers to their dad on the sofa without even being asked! My husband is living the dream.

The thing that amazes me though with the remote control is how early they learn to work the darn things! I mean, back in my day (ha!) the remote controlled the changing of a handful of channels (that would be 2 channels … now I feel immensely old!) and now they control about 80 channels on our Sky TV network and you can pause, rewind at 4 different speeds, go to the saved programme menu and select taped shows and play them, fast forward them and even check the weather! My 2 year old knows how to do all of those things with ease. They even know that 105 is their Disney channel and happily change to that every time you walk out of the room.

Owning the place

One night Finn got down from the table after eating my dinner off my plate, standing behind me on my chair and went in the lounge, selected his Cars movie from the taped menu and then proceeded to turn the volume way up to his liking. He’s freakin 2 years old people! At 2 I’m pretty sure I didn’t even know what a remote was!

Kids these days are too tech savvy for their own good.


For my birthday this year I decided I needed a new chair. We only had couches and I wanted a reading chair, a comfy lazyboy with a lamp that I could use to snuggle into with a good book and a blanket when I needed that time out from the rat race. So I scoured the second hand auction websites until I found the perfect chair for a bargain price, bought a lamp to go with it and to make it even MORE comfy I bought myself a delectable sheepskin rug to put on it. Do you think I ever get to sit in my chair?! The second I vacate it it’s a fight between the boys, the dog, the cat and the husband (my poor husband is always last on the list these days!).

Come to think of it, even when I am allowed to sit on it it’s often me, a child on either side of me and the cat on my lap.


For some unknown reason Finn has taken a liking to my library books. My library must hate me because the last few books I have taken back have been, um, eaten. Literally. He keeps eating the pages. I do feed him, I promise! He eats whatever is on my plate. But for some reason he loves to eat pages in my library books! Not magazines, nor my own books or their books, oh no. Only my library ones. Luckily for the most part it’s the last page and it’s blank. If you get out a book and it looks half eaten, likelihood is it was mine first.


They won’t keep their socks or slippers (or pants) on half the time but they will happily parade around the house in my ugg boots (see photo under YOUR REMOTE – note the footwear). Go figure.


For a loooooong time now I have had nightly visitors. I go to bed every night with my husband and wake up with my boys. Usually Finn is next to me and Cohen has made himself at home on my husbands side. They often sneak in like stealth ninjas in the night and I usually don’t even realise they are there until the morning when I wake up with a kink in my neck, one roll away from landing on the floor, no blankets and the tiniest share of my pillow. For such small humans they sure know how to take up a hell of a lot of room in my bed! Oh sorry, did I say my bed? My bad, their bed.

Might as well be. Do I sound bitter? I’m tired ok!

One small saving grace is that they have no interest in stealing my coffee! Yet.

Mine, alllllll mine!

Do your kids do this too? What do they claim of yours for themselves?

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39 thoughts on “What’s Yours Is Mine

  1. Yep! It doesn’ t change with age either. There is no “mine” anymore when it comes to me (it does when applied to them). I am often in search of a wardrobe item to then see teen daughter wandering off in it. Then I decided “if you can’t beat em join em!” So now I dive into her shoe and handbag collection. Win/Win!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit recently posted…Day 2127 – No matter where life takes you, don’t forget where you came from.My Profile

    1. Ah, um, yes. I used to do the same thing to my mum! Haha. Don’t think my boys will be stealing my clothes and make up though, however I’m in no doubt they will be stealing my food well into adulthood!

  2. They claim you as theirs from the day they arrive on this earth, and with that, everything that goes with you. And I agree with Leanne – it only gets worse as they get older. My daughters in my wardrobe, and my son has claimed my phone!! (I have since got a new phone and he seems eager to claim that too)!!!
    Jo recently posted…The Thermomix and the UnicornMy Profile

    1. YES! We go to the bakery and my youngest always chooses something like a gingerbread man that looks cool but is not my cuip of tea and then he wants my donut and I get lumped with his slobbered biscuit! Totally relate to that!

    1. Why do they eat books?! I totally don’t get it. I gave them my old phone to play with too and the 2 year old threw it on the kitchen floor and smashed the screen. Thank god it was my old one!

    1. Yup, pretty sure it must be universal! I love Jo’s comment, you are theirs from the moment they are born and as is everything that goes with you! Haha.

  3. Yep! My kid also likes to eat the pages from my library books. I have yet to understand this weird habit.

    Oh and coffee?? Reeve likes to steal mine – already!! I now have to hide my coffee with my chocolate stash.
    Kelly recently posted…FUTURE KELLYS PROBLEMMy Profile

    1. Thankfully the extent of Finn’s fascination with my coffee is asking if I am having one (every time I call him on the phone ‘Mummy having coffee?! COFFEE mummy?! Mummy’s COFFEE’) and having to stir it for me (which means I have to hold the spoon or it ends up one stir and a flick of coffee EVERYWHERE).

  4. Oh LOL this is so funny! Just on the phone thing – my two year old somehow managed to call our real estate agent at 5:30am one Saturday morning! I got a weird text from him saying that he did’t have time to talk so I checked my call logs and there it was. I was so embarrassed and called him – at an appropriate hour – to apologise. He was a young single bloke, so I bet he’d been out on the Friday night to. BAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA! Best contraception ever I bet.
    Hugzilla recently posted…7 Things I Learnt About Breastfeeding… The Hard WayMy Profile

    1. Hahaha, that’s gold! Love it! He must have thought you just couldn’t wait to speak to him again! Haha. I went in the kitchen a few mornings ago and just caught the tail end of ‘111 what’s your emergency? Do you need fire, ambulance or police? Hello?’ and my 4 year old dropped the phone and legged it. I was left red faced and apologising. Oops!

  5. Lol! Yes! I find it hard to even get a look in on my iPhone. The girls somehow manage to take snapshots of whatever game they’re playing on my phone and my camera roll ends up being full of Frozen pictures. They’ve also called people and accidentally uploaded pics to Facebook. I have to be careful what I have on there! 🙂 #teamIBOT
    Renee recently posted…5 carpet cleaning hacks every parent needs to knowMy Profile

    1. OMG, don’t even get me started on the uploading things to Facebook! Cohen once copied something I had written in a private group about something private (ok, so it was a sex discussion if you must know, though it wasn’t my thread I had commented on!) and then pasted it AS MY PUBLIC STATUS! I was mortified! I didn’t realise until 2 hours later! By then it had a million likes and I could feel my ears burning. I now NEVER LEAVE ON MY WIFI. Ever.

    1. Yep, my handbag goes up somewhere reeeeeally high now because they think pulling out all my cards from my purse is great fun and then I go somewhere and have no way to pay for it because my eftpos card is missing! Embarrassing much?

    1. I’m sure Mr 21 will love that you just told us that 😉 Maybe if you show him this he may leave it alone? Maybe? And yes, jewellery and make up was a favourite of my 18 year old self to steal from my mum 🙂

  6. Haha I can relate to all of these things. We’re trying to teach yours and mine now. It’s not going very well. Especially when I have food. For some reason my daughter has realised that daddy’s food is his though and will never try and get some off him. He won’t tell me his trick. So I get pestered instead. #thelist
    Chloe recently posted…10 STEPS TO A BETTER MORNINGMy Profile

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