Insomnia, toddler style

Three year old’s are crafty little buggers. Unlike a baby who will cry when they wake up in the night, a three year old will get themselves up, open the door and sneak around the house, often unseen and unheard. Last night for example. Again, he sneaks in and gets my iPhone. I think I am actually going to have to hide it from him a little more stringently, these kids are way too technologically advanced and smart for their own good! I am constantly amazed by just how easily he finds his way around my phone. Daily I have a new ringtone and message tones, it’s like a lucky dip, you just never know what you’re gonna get! Downside is I also get a timer going off in the early hours of the morning (designed to give you a heart attack) or alarms being switched off so you don’t get up in time, much like the other morning when Finley was the one keeping us awake all night. Clearly I need to get stricter with the access he has to my phone and not just leave it lying around where it finds its way into little hands.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

Last night. I went to bed and Hayden stayed up as he wasn’t tired. This often happens and then he falls asleep on the couch and never even makes it to bed. I sensed Cohen come in around midnight and it wasn’t until I got whacked in the head with said phone at 1am that I realised what the sneaky little tyke was up to. He hadn’t been allowed my phone that evening (amid tears and tantrums) so he had obviously decided to do sleuth styles to get the opportunity to play on it. Obviously I took it off him and told him to go back to bed. Off he trots and I went back to sleep. Wake up lying on my phone. Look at the time – 2.09am. Think I better go get the husband to bed. Go in the lounge and there sits my son on the couch happily watching cartoons! Sneaky little bugger hadn’t gone back to bed at all but gone into the lounge and switched on the TV coercing Hayden to go to his cartoons channel (who in his defence claimed that Cohen was so awake that he thought it must be morning). For at least 2 hours he had been up and about doing his own thing unbeknownst to us! Someone is going to be a very tired little boy today.

Anyone else have themselves one of these?

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