Hi! I’m Haidee and I’m 33 and married with two little boys aged 4 and 2.


I started my blogging journey over at Maybe Baby…(or maybe the loony bin) back in 2010 when I was desperately trying to start a family. We tried to conceive naturally for two years before turning to fertility treatment and on our third attempt of IVF (three years after we first started TTC) we finally got a positive result and had Cohen in June 2011.

Finley followed in December 2012. Yep, our second son graced us with his presence in the form of a surprise positive pregnancy test when Cohen was 9 months old and shocked would be an understatement! Just like his surprise conception, he is a crazy full on child sent to keep me on my toes! Cohen on the other hand is a chilled out and affectionate little boy.

After taking 3 years off from blogging, I have decided to try my hand at it again. Aside from being a wife and mother, I also work full time and I am a motherless daughter. My mum passed away from breast cancer when I was 21 and she was 43. Now at 33 and a mum myself I am finding myself taking numerous trips down memory lane.


I love to have a good laugh (often at my own expense!) and entertain while also delving into the more serious side of life at times too. My blog is a hodge podge of parenting these two little monkeys, humour, funny anecdotes, inspiration, coffee (you will see this as a recurring theme!) and life in general.

Welcome to Maybe Baby Brothers, the new chapter!

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  1. Hi Haidee
    Came across your blog again seeing digger truck post, I quite like the Pirate ship cake, might try that for my sons 5th birthday in October or maybe Ninja Turtles!1
    I am also a motherless daughter I was 23 and she was 48, my mother passed away from bowel cancer, miss her terribly.
    Great blog! Keep it up 🙂

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