The Christmas Lights Express: Free Printable ‘Tickets’ For the Kids!

I’m going to share the love with you again this week with yet another Christmas tradition. I promise this is the last one I have up my sleeve and I’ve got in early with all my Christmas posts to:

A. Avoid the mad rush and give people a chance to be prepared; and

B. To get in before it gets lost in a sea of Christmas posts!

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The Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf

A year or so ago I started to hear bits and bobs floating around the internet about this Christmas tradition that entailed a strange little Elf toy moving around the house and being found in fun and strategically set up scenarios for children to find every morning.

I did some research and discovered that it actually looked like a ton of fun, particularly with two imaginative little boys but they were sold out that year so I got in early the following year (last year) and bought one.

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How to Create a Christmas Eve Box!


Christmas Eve was never an incredibly exciting time in my home growing up so when I saw the idea for a Christmas Eve Box for the kids, I was immediately intrigued.

By not incredibly exciting, I mean that we (my sister and I) were incredibly excited for the following day but we had nothing that happened on that day to be excited about in and of itself or to distract us from the fact that as we slept Santa and all of his reindeer were going to fly to our house, come down the chimney (or break in the door, either or) and drop presents off under our tree.

I remember lying in my bed trying desperately to go to sleep so Santa could come because I was scared if I couldn’t sleep then I wouldn’t get any presents! One night when I was around 7 I could have sworn I heard the sleigh bells flying over head …

When I had my own kids I decided I wanted to do something to make Christmas Eve a significant day for them too, to stretch the holiday cheer out and start a new family tradition. So I turned to Pinterest (as you do!) and discovered the Christmas Eve Box tradition.

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