Toddler Speech Delay: When To Worry

I often read posts in my birth groups from mums worried about their toddlers speech and whether they should be concerned about a speech delay.

I was that mum with my first.

When he was 18 months old he was still only saying a handful of words.

Mum. Dad. Ball.

He wouldn’t repeat words back to us when we tried to prompt him like other kids seemed to do and when we would read him stories or word books he would be impatient and distracted and not really paying much attention, let alone trying to say any words back. By this stage other kids were saying sentences in my birth group and the more I read about what they were saying the more of a complex I developed over where C was on the speech scale.

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How I Met My Husband


My husband and I first got together when we were 12 years old.

Yes, you read that right.

Little did we know at that time that we would one day be husband and wife but he was my best friend and we were ‘together’ for a whole year. This ‘relationship’ mostly consisted of sitting next to each other in class sharing my little handheld radio to sneakily listen to live cricket matches or me being the doting girlfriend sun-baking on the beach while he showed off his amateur surfing skills. We also went on one random overnight camping trip (that neither of our parents had a clue about) with two friends (also 12 year olds) and boy were we way too young to be wandering off two and a half hours around the coastline into the middle of nowhere during a storm that he gazing into the clouds and with all the knowledge of a young surfiestated would ‘clear up in no time’!

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Why A Facebook Break Was The Best Thing I Did This Year


A break from Facebook? Like, actually switching off completely? Is this girl for real?

I can almost hear some audible gasps coming across the Blogosphere because the idea of taking a break and deactivating Facebook for 24 hours, let alone weeks is enough to make some people break out in a cold sweat.

I was totally one of those people.

I was addicted.

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How My Toddler Is Like A Woman With Extreme PMS

PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome): A powerful spell that women are put under about once every month, which gives them the strength of an ox, the stability of a Window’s operating system and the scream of a banshee. The most common mood-related symptoms are irritability, crying, over-sensitivity, and mood swings.

I’m not gonna lie, like most woman I get a dose of PMS each month and my husband can predict exactly what time of the month it is by my tolerance levels, my ability to be rational and my quick temper. This usually lasts about 3 days and then I come right and I can laugh about it because I know that I am doing it but I really can’t help it!

My 2 year old has the EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS. But it is lasting far longer than 3 days. Try the last month (and counting). I was super lucky to avoid the tantrum stage with my oldest boy but the youngest is making me pay by upping the ante to tenfold what other mums seem to be experiencing! The tantrums and mood swings are epic. I walk on eggshells afraid to do the wrong thing for fear of triggering one. Things that were once safe zones (like Henry Hugglemonster, a bottle, a hug) are no longer safe zones. Sometimes they are and other times … not so much.

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The 12 Year Anniversary – A Time For Change

It was 12 years ago on the Saturday just been that my mum passed away.

Mum and I
Mum and I 3.5 months before she died.

Every year is one year closer to the age that she was when she died. Mortality is a funny thing, I fear death and yet I still struggle to implement the steps I should be to make sure I stay as healthy as I can to prevent (or in an attempt to prevent) a repeat of the breast cancer cycle sneaking in and making me another victim.

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10 Phases of Toddlerdom

10 Phases of Toddlerdom

My post the other day 10 Truths About Little Boys was so popular that I decided to follow it up with some of the more universal habits of small children. These are not specific to just boys by any stretch of the imagination, rather they are specific to toddlers in general and I am pretty sure you will be able to tick at least one of these 10 phases off your list as a battle you have fought with your child at some point (and hopefully emerged victorious, though I confess I am still fighting some of these on a daily basis and my kids are now 2.5 and 4!).

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