Child Driven Addictions

I need to cut down my coffee intake. And my wine intake.

I never thought I would say these words. Not when they are not in conjunction with A. Trying to conceive; B. Undergoing an IVF cycle; and C. Pregnancy.

Now those who know me, know that those few words are a monumental thing for me to be saying. I have known I need to cut back. But knowing and acting on that knowledge are two different things entirely!

So why now?

I feel like crap. This child running towards the ocean is the catalyst for my newly discovered wine addiction. I need down time. I need to recover my sanity on a daily basis. He is full on x 100. But he is hilarious and lovable and crazy and just plain adorable but boy, he is hard work! As you can see from this photo, a trip to the beach is not a relaxing stroll, it is a battle of wills. Finn just wants to go swimming and Hayden and I spend our time chasing him to stop him diving in. One of these days I am just going to let him dive in. Maybe if it’s cold he won’t be so keen! What this photo portrays is what we saw for the entire time we were at the beach on Sunday. Water. Run.

WATER! Must get in there NOW!

So where does the need to cut back come from? Surely I just outlined why I need them and you probably fail to see why I would want to cut back!

In short, I feel like crap.

Without doubt, mums across the world can relate to this! We put so much energy into our children that we neglect ourselves. Our physical health, our mental health, our hobbies, ourselves. Where does mother stop and woman we were or want to be begin? I overstimulate myself with caffeine and then wake up feeling (possibly) more tired from wine (not to mention my expanding waistline!). Step one in helping myself is probably to cut back on these things. Four five coffees is probably tipping the scales on healthy! Of course, healthier food, a good multi vitamin and exercise probably wouldn’t hurt either!

And with that, I am going to go and make my third coffee of the morning at 8.30am. We’ll start tomorrow!

Do you have a child driven addiction you need to get a handle on?

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