My Big Boy Turns THREE!

From this:


To this:


How did that even happen?! My gorgeous wee man turned 3 on Friday. We had a fabulous day out with him visiting our local museum and the token trip to McDonalds for a Happy Meal before him and I caught the train home so he could go on the ‘big train’ for the very first time. We then had a very small gathering on Sunday to celebrate. This kid amazes me every day. He has had a slower start than most on the speech front and is currently on the waiting list for speech therapy. This has been a source of some stress for me as I worry about him not fitting in with other kids and falling behind on his milestones. When it’s your first child it is so so soo hard not to compare them to other kids their age and I am incredibly guilty of doing this. Cohen isn’t like his little brother who is boy through and through, rough and tumble and tough and BOY. HeĀ on the other hand, is a sensitive and sweet wee man, somewhat of an old soul, very caring and loving and affectionate. He started kindy a few weeks ago and has come in leaps and bounds in speech and confidence ever since and I just adore having little conversations with him now, he has started developing a passion for reading and I just couldn’t be any prouder of how far he has come and the rate to which he is getting there.

What’s the old adage? Good things take time.

That they do.

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