8 Startling Similarities Between Puppies & Children

So right in the midst of an epic vent on Facebook the other day about an incorrigible puppy who insists on peeing on the carpet, it suddenly occurred to me that the things I complain about most with this little devil puppy have remarkable similarities to the things I moaned about when my kids were younger (still moan about where the youngest one is concerned!).

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A Comedy Of Errors


Comedy of Errors: A set of amusing or farcical events involving a series of awkward missteps or other mistakes.

I have been seriously procrastinating booking my puppy’s spey operation (aka desexing or getting fixed) for the past several months for two reasons:

ONE. The exorbitant cost (always starts at one thing but add all the ‘optional’ extras that are ‘Up to you but it could save your dogs life to have this $83 blood test because then we can see that she’s healthy. But it is fully optional, no pressure. You don’t have to have it but if you don’t we won’t know if she could have an adverse reaction. Entirely optional though’); and

TWO. Hands up who loves to look after a dog with a slit in their tummy and a cone on their head that irritates the shit out of them? Didn’t think so.

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