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Have you ever tried having an argument with a 2 year old? It’s an act in futility, they are determined and feisty and always right. At two they know everything.

Much like husbands think they do, but we all know how that usually ends.

We have a book of animals and Finn is pretty good at naming them all – we have kitty cats, doggies, duckies, wabbits, more ducks (platypus), lion (tiger), elephants, monkeys, spiders (the fly, grasshopper, ant, moth) and the goldfish (cockroach). The actual goldfish is a fish but the cockroach is a goldfish. No matter how many times I try to reason with him over these things, he is stubbornly adamant and won’t listen to reason. He often comes running out to me proclaiming hysterically to being chased by a ‘spider’ and any worm that crosses his path is a snake and requires an immediate return indoors. I’m not sure if he is just being petulant or actually has it wired into his head that a cockroach is a goldfish but I can leave it for weeks before going back to the book and it is still a goldfish.

Do you have any words that have embedded into your mind as something else since childhood? Or words that you continually muddle up either the meaning or pronunciation of?

The whole cockroach/goldfish debate reminded me of a time when I was early 20’s and went to a restaurant for dinner with some girlfriends. It was a favourite haunt of ours and we knew the menu by heart, so when the waiter came over I knew exactly what to order as a starter without even looking at it:

“I’ll have some fellatio please”

The male waiter just stared at me so I repeated myself ‘Fellatio. You know!’.

Cue awkward silence.

Yep. While my friends laughed, I didn’t get the joke straight away and then I was mortified. I just asked a male waiter for fellatio. OMG. Focaccia. Focaccia bread please.

Needless to say this has NEVER been forgotten and my friends take great pleasure in bringing it up from time to time.

I think a cockroach that is a goldfish is a much safer word muddle!

Do you have any words that you used to muddle up or that your kids do?

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27 thoughts on “Words Amuck

  1. You have got guts my girl to share that moment with the world!! That is very funny :). I also love how your 2 year old calls cockroaches goldfish. Sounds so much nicer anyway.

    Catch ya later fellatio girl! xo

  2. Geez, how embarrassing! I always got flannelette wrong as a kid, I just could never wrap my tounge around it and just ended up saying ‘flanny’ instead. But everyone thought it was hilarious and would always ask me to say it,

    1. I was trying to relate a story to this blog post last night after I wrote the first half and then I suddenly remembered this story at about 10.30pm and had to jump up and jot it into my phone so I wouldn’t forget! I can never remember stuff on the run either, mind, my memory is not great at the best of times.

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