Your Voice, Your Story – Do You Want To Tell It?


Life is like a patchwork quilt.

It’s a tapestry of emotions and life events quilted together to tell a story.

We have bright patches of colour in happier times and more subdued colours in sadder times. Some people’s tapestries are brighter than others and some are duller but every persons quilt is unique and everyone’s lives are made up of a million different events sewn together to tell their individual story. 

This evening I sit on a bar stool armed with a glass of sparkling wine. A bolognese is simmering on the stove top, the kids are occupied by an Easter movie (even though Easter is long gone) and I’m quietly reflecting as I listen to some music playing.

The music is a Grey’s Anatomy playlist and given that Shonda Rhimes is the Queen of making your soul sing or break with her carefully crafted storylines, the accompanying music is food for the soul.

Are you a Grey’s fan? Perhaps you watched Private Practice instead which always had me in a tangle of emotions and crying my eyes out with their fertility and baby related story lines (these were especially close to my heart given I was going through infertility at the time it started).

Then of course there are Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. So outrageous are the stories accompanying them that I can’t turn away. I’m a TV addict at the best of times and Shonda is one of the best storytellers. What I love about her shows is how I get drawn into the story of each individual character.

We all have a story.

They may not be on TV shared with millions accompanied by a carefully chosen soundtrack but we all have a story. No one is immune.

My story began as an accident. Or a blessing, I guess it all depends on which way you look at it! It’s morphed into what feels like two split lives. Incidentally my life with my now husband started a couple of weeks before my mum died. It’s almost like I transitioned from one life into another because the two lives didn’t really cross except for one brief meeting at a hospice.

An introduction and goodbye all in one.

My life consists of a ‘before’ and an ‘after’. It’s hard to say which life was happier. Life with my mothers presence was one of security.

A blanket of love. Naivety. Comfort. Friendship.

Life after is one that has always consisted of a life with a piece missing.

Marriage. Infertility. Motherhood.

Both have had their moments of brightness and their moments of grey entwined. My after life has had a shadow cast over much of the brightness but as time goes on those colours are getting brighter and some of the shadow that muted it is lifting. Time is rubbing out that shadow.

‘Before’ was a life that felt … different. I had my moments but overall I felt like I could conquer the world with a confidence to match. ‘After’ has been a reality check. Once you experience that kind of heartbreak your life can never go back to what it was before.

The significant ‘patches’ on my quilt so far would be my childhood, my mum dying, my marriage, my infertility battle, my joy at finally conceiving and subsequent pregnancy, my sons births, motherhood.

I have written individual stories on some of these things and I am looking for people who would like to share their story. One of their ‘patches’.

Your voice, your story.

I am starting a series of personal stories written by you, the reader. We all go through something and somewhere someone will no doubt be able to relate to yours the way people have to mine.

If you have a story to share, please contact me by filling in the online contact form here. You tell the story and I’ll edit and publish it (they can be credited or anonymous, it’s up to you). I look forward to hearing from you!

How bright is your quilt? How many significant ‘patches’ do you have? What would your story be about?

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22 thoughts on “Your Voice, Your Story – Do You Want To Tell It?

  1. I feel like no one ever matches my story. I’ve heard people say there are facebook groups for everything; I typed in a few key words once and zilch. It does lead to a sense of isolation at times.
    Vanessa recently posted…What Is Pretty?My Profile

  2. My quilt is a bit motley at times, but there are moments of brilliance if I allow myself to think so. I never knew you had lost your precious mumma, big love to you, I don’t want to imagine because I know one day it will be my reality. xx

  3. I love your story. Sad endings and happy beginnings all wrapped up in one happy life. I am not sure what my story would be. I remember needing to write about my life story in college (life 20 years ago). But that was then and the past, what would now say. Very interesting thought.

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