A Tale Of Two Uffy’s

For some unknown reason to us (but likely an entirely plausible reason to a toddler) Cohen decided to call his little brother Uffy. Uff-ee. Like Fluffy without the fl. Or Duffy without the D.

We of course found that adorable and while we didn’t pick up on it ourselves initially, we didn’t discourage it. Eventually when we realised the phase wasn’t wearing off, we started to find ourselves occasionally referring to him this way too.

‘Cohen, tell Uffy to come inside!’
‘Cohen, where’s Uffy?’

It was a more a ‘refer to him as Uffy for Cohen’s sake’ than a ‘your name is Uffy’ type nickname.

What ended up complicating matters and even confusing me is that Finn picked up on this nickname and not only does he refer to himself in third person as Uffy (and trust me, he ONLY refers to himself in third person all of the time) was to start calling Cohen Uffy too.

So now we have two Uffy’s in our house and strangely they don’t seem to find this odd at all.

A standard conversation between the boys at our house would go like this:

‘Uffy! Come play blocks with me’
‘No Uffy, Hugglemonsters’
‘Play blocks Uffy’
‘Uffy like Hugglemonsters. Uffy no play blocks’
‘Mummy! I don’t like Hugglemonsters, I want Cars! Uffy change the channel!’
‘No Cars! Hugglemonsters! Uffy likes Hugglemonsters! Uffy being mean!’
‘No, Uffy blocks! Mummy!’

Yes, this was a conversation that actually just took place.

This continues in this fashion constantly. Sometimes I forget which one was Uffy to begin with and get confused as to which one is Uffy now and which one isn’t. Or should I say, isn’t supposed to be. Until he was.

This is not some short phase that will pass. It has now been over 8 months of having two Uffy’s and this mama is confused.

The thing is though, where the hell did Uffy come from? Where do kids come up with this stuff?

At this point I am wondering if they are going to be teenagers and referring to each other as Uffy or if eventually one will come out the other side as Uffy or if it will go away altogether.

To us, Finn was Uffy first and we still refer to him that way at times, as do his grandparents.

But he is adamant that Cohen is Uffy and Cohen is adament that Finn is Uffy, and so the cycle continues.

Do your kids have any unusual nicknames they have come up with for each other? Did you have one as a child? Do you still have one?

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18 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Uffy’s

  1. Ahh we had some explaining to do when Lila went to kindy and talked about “Cheeky” and “Saurus”. As in: “Saurus and I played with the blocks at home today”.
    Gosh knows what will happen when Cheeky starts kindy and starts talking about “Poopy”!!!

  2. Well, that sure is confusing for you. Start calling them Uffy 1 and Uffy 2 maybe? Then start referring yourself, as no longer Mumma, but Super Woman. Then it will get reallllly confusing in your house 😉
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  3. That is so stinkin’ cute! No nicknames here, but I’m sure they will come with baby 2 on the way – he does call milk “bots” (short for bottle when he used one as a baby) and everyone including the grandparents refers to milk as bots now even if it’s for a dollop in coffee!


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  4. Just adorable, love the bond they have, my two are either best friends or worst enemies here with no in between, my eldest’s nickname for Alexander is Yander!

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